Young William Hamil was a nerdy kid. He tried to get in with his classmates, but it never worked out. And it usually lead to getting bullied. So he struck upon the brilliant idea of secretly becoming the school's mascot. He would not tell anyone it was him and by that, he would gain the trust and friendship of his classmates. It would also allow him a chance to try and get a date with Julie, the girl he had a crush on.

All went well, as his new found confidence made him popular in the mascot outfit, he was also getting close to Julie, who thought the mascot, whoever he was, was a lot of fun. Then when William's tormentors learn that the mascot is him, they beat him. Worse than ever. Bad enough to leave him for dead under the bleachers.

Then one year later...

Julie ends up missing and teenage bodies are cropping up in various horrific ways: A student is killed by car engine in auto shop, another student is cooked alive in home ed, one teacher is electrocuted in science class, and as the list goes on it seems to be made up of William's enemies.

While the town searches for the missing girl, two students and a determined math teacher look into the mystery person wearing the school's old mascot outfit. The last of William's original tormentors try and find a way to defend themselves.

Who is in the mascot outfit? William's father who vowed revenge at the funeral of his son? An angered principal who thinks juvenile delinquency has gone to far? Is it William himself who has returned from the grave? Another student in William's position using the legend of the mascot to get even with current students? Or is it some one else entirely?

When they find where Julie had been kidnapped, what strange new answers and questions will come to light? Will they find her alive or is she The Mascot?

One thing is for sure: There will be a bloody and gory body count, the endless mutilated bodies of students and teachers, and a shocking surprise ending will lead a vengeance filled trail to...THE MASCOT!


from The Score​-​Off Scores, released January 30, 2009


all rights reserved



John Mapes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Straight from the depths of an undisclosed Twin Cities basement location. Graduate of the Harry Nilsson School of Non-Touring, John Mapes does the music for you!

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