The 13th Promise Of Death

from The Score​-​Off Scores by John Mapes



Thom Grant is Detroit's most powerful business man. He owns everything. 80% of the people employed in Detroit has Thom Grant for a boss and don't even know it. He can buy politicians. He can change the stock market and can break or make anyone with the wave of his hand, but there's one thing he never could buy: the heart of his high school crush Juile Sampson.

Juile is in love with Kyle Jared, a young man who loves Julie dearly, and they are engaged to be married. Then everything changes when Juile Sampson is kidnapped on her wedding day!

Now Kyle Jared's kill switch has been clicked and only bloody revenge can disengage it!

Thom Grant hires a gang of thugs dressed as wedding servers to stop Kyle and get him out of the picture... PERMANENTLY! but there's one thing about Kyle Jared they don't know nor would have guessed:

Kyle Jared is trained in 13 styles of lethal martial arts by an old Chinese martial arts master who now runs a Chinese restaurant, The Hong Kong Express! Each style, a promise of death!

Kyle wipes out the first gang of thugs and advances toward Grant Towers to rescue Julie. Thom Grant has other plans: he recruits Detroit's desperate and embittered unemployed to stop Kyle! By any means! Since Grant owns the police, the thugs have free reign on the streets of Detroit!

It’s non-stop action as one man fights an entire city. Each promise of death dispensed deadlier than the last until the last promise of death, unlucky number 13, which is being saved for an unpredictable showdown with Thom Grant on top of a building with a helicopter flying around it!

Starring World Martial Arts Champion® Tyler 'Hunter' Matthews in his first full-feature film debut! The 13th Promise Of Death features non-stop action, violence, explosions, be-headings, (Note more than one!) murder-cars, punches, kicks, gouging, bone-breaking, and gut wrenching gore!

If you don't feel like you've been physically beaten by the end of The 13th Promise Of Death, you were never alive to begin with!

More action than 5 action films! See Martial Arts Champion® Tyler 'Hunter' Matthews as Kyle Jared in THE 13th PROMISE OF DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from The Score​-​Off Scores, released January 30, 2009


all rights reserved



John Mapes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Straight from the depths of an undisclosed Twin Cities basement location. Graduate of the Harry Nilsson School of Non-Touring, John Mapes does the music for you!

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