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In another land in another time, where savagery and sorcery ruled...Where every day was a brutal fight for survival...There was Mandor The Savage!

In a hidden tribe deep in the jungle or a strange world, Mandor the Savage decides to leave his tribe and explore the strange world around him, which is uncharted to them. His tribe protest, warning him that the world is a wicked place and he might not like what he finds. He welcomes the challenge, bored with the day to day routine of his people. He craves adventure and conquest!

Upon venturing out into the world, He finds a beautiful young woman under attack by a horrible monster. Mandor springs into action and fights the monster and wins. The woman turns out to be a sorceress. She tells him a tale of a forbidden Castle of the Dead, which no one but ghosts live and that a demon from another dimension has violated their world in an attempt to gain entrance into the castle, steal it's power and make him an unstoppable, evil God.

She notes the goodness and bravery in Mandor's heart and rewards him with special magic gauntlets, chest piece and a magic Axe to make him the most feared warrior in this evil land and fight for the good by appointing him protector of the Castle of the Dead. As long as he his pure, the garments will bring him the power of strongest man in the land and he Axe will always kill.

But soon the demon learns of this of this development and summons strange and unusual creatures and warriors, each with a unique ability to challenge Mandor, to his mountain fortress. With Mandor destroyed, He can take over the Castle of the Dead and rule the universe.

As Mandor travels, he comes across a kingdom not yet destroyed by the Demon's power. There he learns that he is really a prince to this land, and that as a child he was kidnapped from his rightful home by a band of gypsies, which turns out to be his tribe from all these years. A secret he never knew. A secret that angers him. A secret that will force him to rethink all he has known.

Now Mandor, who left his tribe thirsty for battle must decide to accept his new destiny or get revenge on the tribe that robbed him of his parents.

Did the woman sorcerer choose the right warrior to save the universe in it's darkest hour? Will Mandor's lust for battle be his undoing? What secrets are in the Castle of the Dead? Will the Demon use Mandor's desire for revenge against him? Will Mandor's savage upbringing hurt him or save him? Can Mandor defeat the Demon's Tribunal Of Terror of strange warriors from across the galaxy?

Only Mandor The Savage can choose his violent destiny! Let everyone else pray they survive it!

A film filled with monsters, bloody fights, revenge, brutality and more in the first Earl L. Luckes production to team up with Italian filmmakers! Destined to be the ultimate Barbarian film ever made!



from The Score​-​Off Scores, released January 30, 2009


all rights reserved



John Mapes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Straight from the depths of an undisclosed Twin Cities basement location. Graduate of the Harry Nilsson School of Non-Touring, John Mapes does the music for you!

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