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from The Score​-​Off Scores by John Mapes



Meet Jim and Susan Waverly. They've been happily married for 21 years. They are in love now as much as the first day they met and will stay together until death do they part. But after a tragic car accident they get into on the way home from a party, it might be sooner than expected...

While Jim and Susan's body have been rushed to the hospital in a desperate attempt to save their lives, Jim and Susan's spirits are in limbo, waiting for the ultimate judgment as it's a race between surgeons, fate and their own will to live.

While in Limbo, Jim and Susan are placed in a theater like room and must watch their lives played back for them from birth on, as a form of judgment testing. From each their own perspective, with their deep thoughts as narration. Jim wanting to be with Susan, finds a way so they can watch both lives together. What starts out as a cute look back at the past begins to reveal certain things they did not know about each other.

With their lives hanging in the balance, the two have their love tested. Do they really know each other? Have they done thing in their past that might be unforgivable? Will one do something to make the other love them more? Are there regrets? With their thoughts on display, have they been honest with each other? Will true love prevail? What's the worst white lie out in the open? Will something change how the other sees them? Permanently?

It's a movie that explores who we are as humans and how we sometimes don't even know ourselves as well as we think we do at time. The careless thoughts, things we did right at the time that are wrong in another. Our own basic desires and how we control them. How we remember certain events in good and bad lights.

With the doctor's one the verge of success, Jim and Susan must decide if they want to go back to reality or if they are better of dead. More trouble could arise should only one want to go back. In the end, true love will prevail, but it might be re-defined for our two love-struck heroes. The end will amaze and surprise you.

A film about love, life, laughter and life's little tricks and rewards.



from The Score​-​Off Scores, released January 30, 2009


all rights reserved



John Mapes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Straight from the depths of an undisclosed Twin Cities basement location. Graduate of the Harry Nilsson School of Non-Touring, John Mapes does the music for you!

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