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Malcolm Colby is a man in his 40's who's not all there. He's not retarded, but he's not normal. Some would say he does not know how to co-exist with society on a normal basis. He's been in a hospital for most of his life due to his slow thinking. But he's good at heart and means well.

One day he comes across a burned down house, still smoking. No one had noticed it nor called it in. Inside, he hears a baby crying. To his surprise he finds a baby, unharmed and two diaper bags: One filled with supplies to take care of this baby and another with three packages, each to a different person. Deciding that the mail must get through, his logic decides to deliver the packages THEN drop the baby off at a hospital.

The two make an odd pair as Malcolm starts to learn how to interact with another human...From the start. But situations happen as most people take one look and wonder if that baby is his, with a kidnapping hot in the news.

With Malcolm's doctor's on the case, the police mixing up another kidnapping case and the real father of the baby, a low-level drug dealer and the sender of the mysterious three packages after Malcolm and the baby, anything could happen...But the story really begins when we find out the contents of the packages and who they go to and why the house was burned down to begin with.

Can kind-hearted Malcolm use his good nature to find a way for him to complete his not-so-well thought out plan? Or will he learn some new tricks?



from The Score​-​Off Scores, released January 30, 2009


all rights reserved



John Mapes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Straight from the depths of an undisclosed Twin Cities basement location. Graduate of the Harry Nilsson School of Non-Touring, John Mapes does the music for you!

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